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About BE KIND Store

Hello and welcome to Dipomay Seva Sansthan’s “Be Kind” online store! We’re excited to share our story with you.

At Dipomay Seva Sansthan, we help super talented kids who are a bit different in their abilities. These amazing kids design and make beautiful things, and we showcase their creations in our online store called “Be Kind.”

Our Special Collection: Everything you find on “Be Kind” is special. Each piece is made with a lot of care and creativity by these awesome kids. What makes them even more unique is that they all have their own stories of bravery and creativity. When you buy from us, you’re not just getting something cool; you’re getting a piece of art with a beautiful story behind it.

Great Craftsmanship: We’re really proud of the things we sell. The colors are bright, the designs are cool, and every little detail is just perfect. It’s all thanks to the hard work and love these kids put into making each piece. You’ll see that each item is made with a lot of heart and happiness.

Heartfelt Stories: Every item on “Be Kind” has a story attached to it. These aren’t things that are made in big factories; they are made by kids who love to create. We want you to know who these awesome kids are and the wonderful things they can do. Your purchase helps these kids and brings more happiness into the world.

Make a Difference with Us: When you shop on “Be Kind,” you’re not just buying things; you’re helping these special kids grow and be happy. Your support means they get more chances to do what they love. Let’s celebrate being different, include everyone, and spread kindness through the awesome things these kids make.

Thank you for being part of the Dipomay Seva Sansthan family and choosing “Be Kind” for wonderful, handmade treasures.

Lots of love

The Dipomay Seva Sansthan Team


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